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Web form validation

11 Nov 2013
Эта же задача по-русски: здесь.

Daniel works on a web service where users sell and buy secondhand books. In particular, user can store title and a description of a book. Before saving in DB data gets validated:

=head2 validate_form

Form validation: 

* fields aren't too long
* fields constnst only of allowed characters

The subroutine returns '' if everything is OK, and error code otherwise. 

my %LIMIT = (
    author => 100, 
    title => 150, 
    description => 2000,
sub validate_form
    my ($form) = @_;

    for my $f (qw/author title description/){
        # not too long
        return "TOO_LONG_FIELD_".uc($f) if length($form->{$f}) > $LIMIT{$f};
        # consists of allowed characters only
        return "DISALLOWED_SYMBOLS_IN_FIELD_".uc($f) unless $form->{$f} =~ /[-_a-zа-я0-9\.,:!?;'"()\+ ]+/i;
    return '';

After a while Daniel finds wrong data in the database. For instance, some books have html tags in their descriptions. Why validation didn’t catch them?



Once a programmer had a problem. He thought he could solve it with a regular expression. Now he has two problems ^_^



The source of problems is regexp /[-_a-zа-я0-9\.,:!?;'"()\+ ]+/i. Operator m// searches a string for a pattern match, so if the string contains at least one allowed character, it will pass the validation. Daniel should at least specify the beginning and the end of the string: /^[-_a-zа-я0-9\.,:!?;'"()\+ ]+$/i.